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Borlis Pastor   registered to Borlis Pass
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LeoricHAIL heroes, I come to you with some outnumbered condi reaper gameplay. Despite some issues with WvW recently, you can still definitely find good fights if you're patient enough. Here's a small collection of them :^)
GW2 - Condi Reaper vs The World (WvW Roaming)
Despite Deathly Chill being changed, Condi Reaper remains as...
Dan   noob plays
Leoric   big xds
Ringon Starwarden tagI would like to get a server meeting set up for this upcoming Friday. We had some very good ideas on the last one, but not all of them have been implemented to the level I think we should be looking at.
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Tim tag  I have posted a response to this here: [link]
Avenger Of The Pass tag  What time will it be?
Tim tag  Comments disabled in this box. Please place useful comments in the link above.
br00t4ced   registered to Borlis Pass
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Geminite tag  Please tell us what server you are connected to so we can add the appropriate tag. :)
[LORE] Rico   They are on BP.
Geminite tag  Thank you, Rico!
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Hey check out the Daily Feature and other stories in the forums.. Go Avenger!
Hey people... nudgenudge your peeps and see if you can get them in here. Take part in the forums, tell stories, give feedback. Even I am getting tired of seeing my name so much! :p
Please give your thoughts on the new forum thread regarding the Pass guild - [link]
Technically, it's possible to get naughty swear words like "Anvil Rock" and "Ehmry Bay" bleeped out by the presently inactive forum censor, if you'll forgive me for cussing.
BP! Make some noise! In here, in the forums, in WvW... :)
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