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Geminite tag
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Foamy One[Jynx] is rebuilding, if anyone is looking of a purely fights focused guild lmk! my acct name is over.7324 (ts req)
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____   do not join thisfdake jynx theyr bad and they only zeergdown 1 player and call it roaming when they have SIX they think they are good but have NO SKILL and run fromall to their fights
Foamy One   We will probably raid from 6:00pm PST until we get bored
Foamy One   also gibbon you need to stop
Avenger Of The Pass tagAnyone hazard a guess why there have been so few new threads?
Avenger Of The Pass tag  A full server merge would just become another rush to Tier 1 again unless the option to transfer (and bandwagon) was removed too. If we were merged into four servers, the only way I could see it not causing more population problems is if they were completely new teams. Enough people already have gone back to the farm since the partial merger as it is.
Jager Wolfe   Pretty sure when Shamira gets back she will be leading as usual. RL just got in the way.
Tim tag  She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
AngelosHey all! Got some time to play properly again. With a new cp wooooo! If anyone is looking for a somewhat active player for their guild leme know! Oceanic player.
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Angelos   Kinda need a wired mouse and keyboard.....input lag Dx
AsphyxíáBEEP and XT have transferred off to Fort Aspenwood. Thanks for the fun guys, I imagine we'll see each other in the future.
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I think BP as a server has been broken for a while, LOL
bp is so powerful we're breaking servers
HK obviously looks for fights all the time, but I was wondering if there were others
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