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Tim tagFrom the GW2 Anet Forum:

Looks like a few decent updates to WvW.

World vs. World

Being killed while outnumbered no longer grants any war score to the enemy team.

All siege devices and traps have been changed to gizmos that are consumed once they are placed.

This change was made to help solve bugs in which siege devices and traps weren’t being granted back properly when they weren’t placed.

Siege bundles now stay in your hands until players drop, cancel, or run out of siege.

Changed the Potion of Ascalonian Mages to work similarly to combat tonics. The transformation now allows for all player skills to be used. The transformation is removed after 30 minutes.
Clicking the potion again will remove the transformation.

Alpine Borderlands
Garrison’s back gate that enters the lord’s room now has secured, reinforced, and fortified states like all other gates.

Desert Borderlands
Removed the floating gargoyle at the Shrine of Fire.
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TigerSome much to with little to do it in I need to call the florist the baker and band to make there ready for the wedding
Foo tag  The time has been set , the day has been set, it is now 8:00 pm est on April 1,, All are welcome. please bring all your friends an anything you wish to celebrate with. ;P
wench4/1/2017 is the date time TBD.
Foo tag  Your living on west coast rules, Welcome to southern style.. ;P
wench   Tennessee River and The Mountain (Norn) Man................................
Hadan tag  Weridos
TigerDisclaimer this is a role play wedding in game and it not for real
Tim tag  The hell you say! Love live the union between Beauty and the Beast! May they spread little Norn sprigs all over Tyria!
Foo tag  Oh my an we already had hall way sex, an so early in the evening , hide your eyes young ones.. Tim you might see those sprigs sooner than you think... eg.
Tim tag  lol, should have said: long live... doh!
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