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Borlis Pass has reached a new record of 2000 registered users today!
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Dan   hell yeah brolis pass!!
TigerWe welcome seidr as the new website owner and we promise no to give you a hard time ;)
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Martin Firestorm tag  you go girl
Shamira tag  Secret Santa the year round!
TigerOk the quest has begin to find the next website master who is up for the job
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Tim   Seidr is the new owner of this [link] web site. There are Admins that I believe will be able to help if there are questions on what to do, and I will still be around as well to help with anything.

My alt is on BP and I will be running it now and then so I'm still here, just not like before.

I'm happy to help anytime I can.

Thank you Seidr for taking this over! BP could not have asked for a better person I think :)
Talos / GLaDOSProbably not the best place to complain, but my Guild Channel has been deleted even though i've been in it multiple times for the past couple weeks which means it didn't get deleted automatically. It was probably deleted by a moderator/admin for no reason, my channel was deleted over any other channel that is inactive in the teamspeak. I wish my channel was reinstated for the guild [YOLO] Cat Chi Guild Na Me
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Tim   We'll hunt down the perp and put him on a stake outside Garri for the enemy to taunt!
Talos / GLaDOS   Thank you Geminite and Tim, whenever someone sees me on if they're able to allow me to have my admin in the channel thanks again :d
Ringon Starwarden tag  if you see me in game, and it has not been done already, let me know, I will take care of it.
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Thanks Shami... It was a collaboration of fun :)
hell yeah
Wow this site looks great!
Howdy Bp...
I shot the sheerrrriifff.. but I did not shoot the deputy
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