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Tim tagPlease pop in and give us your info BP :)
Pulse check... Are you there???
Forums " WvW Discussion " Pulse check... Are you there???
Zoe SuneFor the short time I've been on this server I'm loving it. The community here (community being the key word) has such spirit. And Tim thank you. I do recall your necro and look forward to seeing more of you and all the rest of the BP wvw community. All hail the Pass /salute :d
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Tim tag  Zoe.. in these days of world linking when BP appears to have no server identity it's people like you that make me happy I'm still here in BP. Yes, there's lots of great BP people out there. Hope to meet up again with you soon and cause some trouble! :)
Zoe Sune   registered to Borlis Pass
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Zoe SuneHi I'm ur new gate crasher. I just trans'd here from TC yesterday. I'll be shopping for a BP WvW guild. I have some friends on the server but not real big WvW'd like I am. I'm older, laid back and looking for the same :) and also to get verified. TY :)
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Tim tag  Hi Zoe.. I met you in game yesterday. You are now verified and have full member access to this site.

I am known as Tim.. but you met my necro yesterday that goes by: Come Chill With Me

Welcome to The Pass!
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first covn, now the mad king.. you're in trouble!
the mad king took me hostage HELP !!!!!!
this place has fallen quiet again... anybody home?
YES! Was a lot of fun making BG run all over their map trying to catch up with us... and they did a couple times... love havoc... and loved the group that followed... much fun!
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